Hunan provincial party secretary Du Jiahao gave a thumbs-up to BBG’s organic happy farm
On the afternoon of March 27, the secretary of the provincial party committee, Du Jiahao, came to XiangTan county to investigate the beautiful village model of Meilin bridge and the organic ecological farm of Meilin bridge which is being planned by BBG.
"There has been a lot of change in the current consumer sector, There are 100 million middle class families in China, and their demand for organic food and quality food is very high. This is a great opportunity for us!" chairman Wang said, so the BBG group will transfer 1, 200 acres of land in the Meilin demonstration area to build organic farms.

Organic agriculture is also an important part of building beautiful new Hunan, however, it is not easy to make organic things. Foreign countries have advanced experience, but they are not mature at our country, You've got a great resolution, I'm really going to give you thumb up, and if you can get this product out, I'll come back to see it” With that said, the secretary couldn't help but give the Mr Wang a thumbs-up. 
"Also, there is probably a little pressure on the domestic market for organic produce. You should try to sell the product abroad, When you sell your products abroad, I'll come back ,too!” The words of the secretary caused a laugh.