"Don't set limits on your life" -- Zhang Haixia won the magnolia prize in business
On April 8th, 2017 (9th) Chinese business enterprise mulan annual meeting, jointly organized by Chinese entrepreneur magazine and Chinese entrepreneur mulan , was held in Beijing, More than 300 entrepreneurs, government leaders and academics are invited in this meeting, They focus on the growth of entrepreneurial women. Zhang Haixia, chairman of the investment group, made a speech on "hello, girl". Ms. Zhang haixia is also an advocate and leader of business spirit and public welfare, She won the magnolia prize, China's most influential businesswoman.
The annual meeting of the Chinese business enterprise mulan is the most influential women's gathering in China every year. British ambassador to China Wu Baina、Known as the "contemporary drucker ", the world famous management consultant ram charan、the chairman of Oriental gardens He Qiaonv 、Gree electric appliances chairman Dong Mingzhu and other entrepreneurs gathered at the event site, to discuss the core topics of Chinese business development.
At 3:20 p.m., Ms. Zhang attended the "mulan talks" and published "hello girls" speech. In her speech, she reviewed her resignation and her husband Mr. Wang's experience in building a hard business. Although "change" will face many difficulties, life lies in struggle and challenge, and encourages girls to do so.