Coca-Cola's global chairman Mu Taikang come to visit BBG MeiXi Xintiandi
On April 11, the chairman of the BBG group, Wang Tian, served as a strategic partner and representative of important retailers in the opening ceremony of Coca-Cola's new plant in central China. Later, he accompanied the group global chairman Mu TaiKang, Coca-Cola's Asia Pacific President John Murphy, China and South Korea President Curt Ferguson, vice President of  China, Marcelo Boffi, the president of COFCO Coca-Cola beverages LTD Luan Xiuju and so on, head to BBG MeiXi Xintiandi from the site of the commencement ceremony .
BBG has joined IGA in 2005, It has become a global strategic partner with brands such as Coca-Cola. This time they come to BBG MeiXi Xintiandi, in addition to understanding business needs and market feedback , What is more important is to visit the first pure commercial tourist city complex in China.
As soon as they got off the car, Mu Taikang, the global chairman of  greeted warmly with the colleagues who came to welcome the guests ,and he is really approachable .The shoplifters all around the mall ,the adjust measures to local conditions of BBG, and the creative promotion of the Coca-Cola brand had aroused strong interest and attention from the chairman . Everywhere he went, he looked carefully at the display of the shelves, the display of the store and the promotion. He said: "the products of the BBG supermarkets are very fresh, and the display of Coca-Cola products is very creative. This is the best supermarket I have ever seen in China!"