The “Spring Festival of Chinese and French culture ”activity opens in MeiXi Xintiandi,Changsha
On May 5, 2017, the “Spring Festival of Chinese and French culture ”activity  was held at MeiXi Xintiandi ,Changsha. This year's festival used youth as its theme, it also introduced the creation of French young talented artists and photographers. From street to comic art, from movies to modern music, from photography to shadow art, This time, the series of activities aimed to show the charm of the young people in new generation 
2017 is the third year of the Spring Festival of Chinese and French culture in Changsha. Changsha is an important site in the “Spring Festival of Chinese and French culture “activity, it is fully promoted.By the French consulate general in Wuhan ,and it provide a good opportunity for Chinese and French artists to learn from each other, This activity also provides a window into the culture of France for the citizens in Changsha
BBG is committed to becoming a communication link between the peoples of China and France in enhancing mutual understanding. People can enjoy the rich French customs and French art through exhibitions, music, books and other forms here, It is also believed that there will be more profound understanding of the BBG MeiXi Xintiandi’s brand connotation of fashion and light holidays.