Belarus's “grandma's milk jar” milk will come into every family in Hunan!--- BBG signed the purchase contract with grandma's milk jar factory
On June 30, BBG signed a procurement contract with the representative of the grandmother's milk can milk company in the state of mongiyev, Belarus, This is another important achievement in the positive integration of "One Belt And One Road "for BBG. 
 Under the testimony of both leaders ,BBG’s German branch general manager Fang Xinru and  Gravinsky dmitrijevic, the general manager of the “grandma's milk jar ”milk company in moji , belarus signed off representatives of their respective companies.
The strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two sides has opened a new stage for deepening cooperation, which will enable more Chinese consumers to enjoy high-quality dairy products from Belarus . In September, the Hunan- European express, carrying “grandma's milk jar ”milk, will set off from Minsk and eventually arrive at the Xinbei railway station of Changsha train station.
In the future, BBG plans to purchase milk, sunstroke, bread, vodka and other recreational and meat products in Belarus ,and strive to exceed 50 million yuan per year in the amount of purchase in belarus .