Yunhou.com(also called bubugao.com) founded in 2013, with the support of BBG offline stores, it sells 12 different categories of products, including fresh food, imported food, beauty & personal care, kitchen & bath, maternity products & toys, electrical equipment & appliances, home & sports, nutrition & health care, watches & jewelry, clothing, shoes & hats, air tickets, and products of brand flagship stores.

Yunhou.com also offers services for various virtual products such as phone recharge, payment of living expenses, lottery buying and other online services. It offers customers the chance to experience various services vary from offline to online.

Multi-channel O+O

We have integrated PC, App, WeChat purchasing and offline channels. In the future, Yunhou.com is committed to integrating resources of more channels such as APP, PC, WeChat and current offline channels, thus connecting the promotion channels vary online from offline. Members of Yunhou.com have the access to goods browse, point query, instant push of special offers, online interaction, after-sales service and so on. Yunhou.com will meanwhile develop service module of individualized customization for phone recharge, parcel post, and online ordering, enabling consumers enjoy buying everything they need remain within doors.

Multi-formats O+O

Connecting service channels of shopping center, department stores, food business stores, appliance stores, convenience stores and other business modes vary from offline to online. Multi-formats O+O of BBG’s outlets means that once you order and pay online, you can pick up the goods in the nearest outlet regardless of where you are. Besides, it also offers integrated package service for products with multiple business modes.

For example, if customer ordered fresh food, vegetables, cosmetics, and dust catcher in BBG Shopping Mall, they can place an order on Yunhou.com, pay it online or offline, and then they can pick it up in the nearest BBG outlets or choose home delivery service.

Completed category O+O

Completed category means categories of food business category, department store category and lifestyle services. In other words, completed category not only involves services in department stores, food business stores and other various products, but also covers lifestyle services. Completed category O+O services with convenience and timesaving features add more value to the product.

Double-line retailing

BBG’s double-line retailing means the double-direction complementary between online (Yunhou.com) and offline stores. Yunhou.com will, in the years to come, not only boast products of its own brands, but also open the door for owners of other outstanding brands. In the future, BBG will not only make more offline clients the member of online retailing market, but also encourage more online clients to open offline stores.

That is to say, BBG will allow more owners of matured and advantaged brands open visual online store on Yunhou.com, at the same time, develop more online stores of matured brands into offline stores.